Transparent pricing is essential

Flexum offers a simple, transparent pricing model to get our relationship off on the right foot. We can scale your team up when you’re ready and support your business as it grows.


Go from zero-to-one through a rapid, design-led process that sets you up for success.

Starting at


per month with a 3-month commitment

  • Accelerated design sprints

  • Interactive, clickable prototype

  • Landing page development

  • Technical architecture

  • MVP launch (scope TBD)

  • Full-stack, dedicated team

    1 full-stack engineer

    1 product designer

    1 architect (part-time)

SaaS & Mobile

Design, develop and support complex, high-performing SaaS applications.

Starting at


per month with a 6-month commitment

  • Deep onboarding

  • Roadmap planning

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Design-led engineering

  • Frequent business reviews

  • Full-stack, dedicated team

    1 backend & 1 frontend engineer (for SaaS projects)

    2 mobile engineers (for Mobile projects)

    1 product designer

    1 architect (part-time)

If you're on the fence and considering hiring Flexum, go ahead and pull the trigger. They're awesome and will take your project wherever you need it to go.

Anthony Joiner

Anthony Joiner

Founder, @ Blooksy

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