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Flexum helps you move faster through a design-led process that gets everyone on the same page and working towards your business goals.

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Dreaming big, developing big

We’re driven by partnering with talented entrepreneurs solving meaningful problems. If you’re looking for true partner to design and build with, we’re ready to share the journey.

For proven

Whether you’re on your second or third startup, we’re here to help you through the challenging early days of building your MVP and identifying product-market fit.

For early-stage

If you’re ready to scale your team, move faster, and bring on world-class design and engineering talent then Flexum can be a difference maker.

For industry leaders starting new ventures

We love intrapreneurs as much as entrepreneurs. Developing new products within a larger organization is uniquely exciting.

Transparency is a core value

Forget custom quotes, long-winded proposals and gotcha pricing schemes. Let’s start the relationship off on the right foot with transparency and clarity.

Starting at


per month with a 3-month commitment

  • Deep product & industry onboarding

  • Thoughtful roadmap planning

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Design-led engineering

  • Frequent business reviews

  • Full-stack, dedicated teams


    1 backend & 1 frontend engineer

    1 product designer

    1 architect (part-time)

Flexum has done a good job of tackling the complexity of the work we’re doing. When things don’t go as planned, they’re very open and honest about what’s happening. They seek to understand and solve problems together.

Fede Behrens

Fede Behrens

Founder, ASO Giraffe

Ready to build a beautiful SaaS app?

Book a call with our founders, Myron and Anton. We’ll discuss your MVP and start a no-commitment design Spike.

How does a design-led process work?

We place a strong emphasis on product design. This means that designers work closely with developers to create a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. A design-led process also ensures alignment with clients and the ability to test ideas early to ensure we’re solving real customer pain-points.

Business analysis

Taking the time to deeply understand our customers’ businesses is essential. We over-index on business analysis and customer pain-points.

Rapid design sprints

Designing in rapid iterations can summon a unique creative energy and do wonders to build momentum and alignment. We move quickly and thrive on feedback.


The value of prototyping is undeniable and almost always worth the effort. We work with customers to create high-fidelity prototypes to test ideas with customers and partners.

Design <> engineering

Our designers work shoulder-to-shoulder with engineers to ensure we’re building an amazing experience. Pixel perfect isn’t always the right goal, but it’s always our ambition.

Sweat the details

Let’s face it, most products don’t look nearly as good as the mockups in Figma. We put the time and energy to make sure we build a world-class experience, from mockups to QA.

Get to know the companies and founders we’re proud to call partners

We take enormous pride in our clients’ success. Sharing the journey with them is equal-parts exciting and challenging, see their products and stories.

Flexum delivers value quickly

Starting with our first meeting, we aim to dive into your product as deeply as possible to deliver the biggest value. That’s why we make a free design spike prototype, so you can see what we’re capable of. Then we work on creating an MVP and launching your ideal product. And what's next? The sky is the limit!

  • 1


    We’ll kick things off with a conversation about your business, roadmap priorities and goals for engaging an agency like Flexum.

  • 2


    We’ll spend a few days exploring, designing, prototyping and drafting a proposal that gives you a sense of what we’re capable of.

  • 3


    We’ll explore the outcome of the spike and discuss next steps. We’ll make adjustments and use this time to get a head start.

  • 4

    Resourcing & Roadmap

    We’ll spend time further aligning on your goals, roadmap and defining the resources it will take to have a successful outcome.

  • 5


    We’ll follow the roadmap mutually defined and ramp up quickly to start delivering on your goals and adding value.

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