Mar 20, 2023
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Hello, World!

Myron Mavko
CEO & Co-Founder @ Flexum

Flexum wasn’t founded yesterday, but we’re just starting to open up about who we are, why we started the business, and what we aim to achieve. For the past year we’ve been heads down helping clients and building a reliable foundation, and now it’s time to look up!

We’re excited to launch our blog, Foundry! Our goal for Foundry is to make it a simple, no-nonsense, resource for early-stage founders and fellow agency owners. If the content helps a fellow founder grow faster or build better products, we'll post it. If not, then it doesn't belong here. For the most part, we'll stick to a few key types of content:  

  • Wins & Losses - we're excited to join other entrepreneurs who #buildinpublic and give everyone a view into what's working and what's not.
  • "Shortcuts" - we'll put together lists of best-practices, mental models, case studies and other resources that offer meaningful, proven shortcuts to getting things done.
  • Research - we’ll gather comprehensive reports and guides on topics like validating business ideas, building an MVP, scaling engineering teams and more.
  • Customer Stories - we'll dive into the real ups and downs our customers experience during the course of developing world-class software products, with their permission, of course.
  • Employee Profiles - we love our teammates, so we’ll profile their achievements, career growth, and what awesome people they are.

If we do it right, it'll be a very personal, perhaps even cathartic experience... We'll help each other lean into what's working, while overcoming the inevitable rough-patches.

Cheers to the journey!


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