Let’s build together with Flexum’s open-source libraries

We're passionate about sharing our expertise with the world. That's why we create open-source libraries that help developers build better products, faster.


Our philosophy

We're committed to advancing software development and making it accessible to all:

Giving to the community

We believe in contributing to the open-source community and sharing our expertise with others. By creating open-source libraries, we can help other developers and organizations solve problems and build better software.

Fuel learning and growth

Creating open-source libraries provides an opportunity for our developers to learn new skills and keep up with trends and best practices. It also allows them to engage with the broader developer community and get feedback.

Innovate and experiment

Our open-source libraries can help accelerate innovation by providing a foundation for other developers to build upon. This can lead to the development of new products and services that might not have been possible otherwise.

Our open source libraries

Here’s what we’ve open sourced so far, and we're hard at work on new libraries that we can't wait to share with you!


Wrapper around docx library that allows you to create beautiful DOCX files using HTML and CSS (inline styles) instead of JS objects.

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