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Our teambuilding event in the Carpathian Mountains

We strive to bring our values to everything we do.


Exploring new markets, taking thoughtful risks, building exciting products, and partnering with other entrepreneurs is what we do.

Owner mentality

We act and think like owners. We do our homework, sweat the details, and are always working to get ahead of the pack.

Forward thinking

Nobody can see around every corner, but we strive to be as strategic as possible to better serve our clients, partners and team.


Empathy for your teammates, our customers and their end-users is the cornerstone of building great products.


Creating a collaboriative environment means building a safe, honest and self-aware company culture.


We strive to be transparent in our pricing, processes and practices, both internally and externally.

Perks should never be a reason to join, but they’re nice...

Work remotely from anywhere in the world.

24 working days of paid vacation and sick leave per year.

$500 home office setup credit! Get a nice chair or a standing desk.

Take care of yourself with $50 per month in health and gym benefits.

$500 per year in education benefits for online courses and events.

Free accounting services for private entrepreneurs (in Ukraine).

Co-working credits for whenever you need a change of place.

Generous employee and client referral programs.

“Flexum is a place where Mondays don’t feel like Mondays. I enjoy hanging out with people who really like what they do, that makes it easy to create great products.”

Flexum is a product lab that partners with entrepreneurs.

Make an impact

When you’re involved in an early-stage venture you have a disproportional impact on the success of a project.

Build deep connections

Some of your most important and valuable professional relationships can start on a small, early-stage team.

Accelerate your career

Accelarate your learning and career by working with early-stage busineses + we’ll support you with education credits.

Be design-driven

Taking a design-led approach to building products is exciting, accelerates learning, fuels creativity and derisks projects.

Share the journey

For entrepreneurs their projects are personal and we share their sense of responsibility and passion.

... and then start up!

Early-stage businesses are an amazing opportunity to learn and then start your own company, whenever the time is right.

Meet our team

Smiling faces of our CEO and COO working togetherCoding in action: developer hard at workPM and developer catch up during a coffee breakOur team enjoys a meal together

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