Accelerate your roadmap.

Flexum helps you move faster with vetted developers, transparent pricing, and a design-led process that gets everyone on the same page, fast.

Let’s dream big, together.

We’re driven by partnering with founders who dream big and solve meaningful problems. Partner with Flexum to ramp up a vetted team of talented engineers and expert designers that get your project from zero to one.


Whether you’re a first-time founder or a serial entrepreneur, we’re here to help you build your MVP and identify product-market fit.


If you’re ready to grow your team, move faster, and bring on world-class design and engineering talent, let’s partner. Ramp a vetted team in weeks, not months.


Developing new products within a larger organization is uniquely exciting and challenging. We’ll bring a fresh perspective and a stellar team that’s ready to execute.

People, technology, and process

We're committed to crafting enduring, and scalable products by working shoulder-to-shoulder with exceptional founders.

Smiling faces of our team at Lviv, Ukraine.


Users are at the center of our development process, ensuring that the products we build are intuitive, engaging, and solve a meaningful problem.


Agile principles enable us to deliver projects iteratively and adapt to rapidly evolving requirements. This is particularly important when building an MVP.


Speed shouldn’t come at the expense of scalability. Building from day-one with your product’s growth in mind helps you avoid costly rewrites and scalability challenges.

Proven Technology

We use modern and proven technologies such as React, Node.js, React Native, and best practices to build web products and mobile apps that withstand the test of time.

Design is the foundation.

The bar for exceptional UX is higher than ever, and it’s only getting higher. Consumers and business users expect intuitive interfaces and elegant visual design. The good news is that building a design-led process is also an efficient way to get your team on the same page and test your ideas with customers early and often.

Flexum’s design-led approach ensures alignment across stakeholders and builds confidence in your vision.

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Get to know the companies and founders we’re proud to call partners

Sharing the journey with our clients is equal parts challenging and rewarding. Here are a few products we recently launched and take enormous pride in.

“Flexum exceeded expectations over and over, and even introduced functionality that we had not considered.”


Questions? We’ve got answers.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, let’s connect.

How do I get started working with Flexum?

The first step is to get in touch and jump on an intro call with our founders Myron and Anton. Typically, we’ll start a 1-2 day spike to design or build something small, but meaningful, to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

How quickly can I scale a team?

It depends. We always have capacity to onboard new clients and extend teams. If you’re looking to get started, build great products and step on the gas when we find product/market fit, then we’re the right fit. However, if you need to build a team of 3 designers and 12 engineers yesterday, we can help, but it’ll take time.

How are projects managed?

Every customer has a dedicated contact person and the founders are also always involved. We’re a boutique agency so you get a lot of personal attention. We use a variety of products to help manage progress and knowledge, but we’re not religious about the choice of tools. We’re happy to adapt to your preferences, but will suggest a few of our defaults at the outset.

What makes Flexum different?

Flexum is a boutique product agency that’s laser-focused on helping entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs build winning products. We do so with a design-led process, transparent pricing, and a drive to add value from day one. At core, we’re entrepreneurs like you and know what it takes to build differentiated products and find product/market fit.

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