Why Flexum?

We know that trust is hard to earn.

Transparency, demonstrating value quickly, and doing whats right for the long-term relationship. Those are the principles we built Flexum around.

Here's how we engage with clients to bridge the trust gap...

Less selling, more showing

Step 1

Less selling, more showing

We believe in demonstrating value early. That's why our sales process is designed around a Spike. We’ll take 2-3 days to dive deep on a challenge your business is facing and share our fresh perspective. We want to show you what we can do and make sure that we’re flowing.

Step 2


Our pricing, engagement model and who we are is all about transparency. It's a core value because it goes a long way towards building trust. While rare in the agency world, we offer simple ways to get started and transparent pricing at the outset and as you scale.


Starting at


Go from zero-to-one through a rapid, design-led process that sets you up for success.

SaaS & Mobile

Starting at


Design, develop and support complex, high-performing SaaS applications.

Step 3

Learn, build, repeat.

Flexum is an entrepreneurial agency. Part of our reward is learning about new business models and challenging ourselves to add deeper value. That starts with onboarding and continues through the entire engagement.

Deep onboarding

When we start working together we like to kick things off with lots of questions. We want to make sure we're in a position to add as much value as possible. That means investing a bit more in the onboarding process.

Precise communication

As we start to execute we'll work together to find the ideal cadence for design and engineering reviews. We’re happy to work more independently or shoulder-to-shoulder. Either way figuring out an efficient comms cadence is key.

A bias for action

Our engagement is only a success if your business is growing. Ultimately that comes down to building and shipping great products that create an unfair advantage. That’s what we’re here to do, and our bias is to always move quickly.

Castos Mobile

Flexum has been proficient regarding the delivery of their requirements, much to the client's delight. The team has been consistently receptive and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their attention to detail.

Craig Hewitt

Craig Hewitt

Founder & CEO @ Castos

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