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coffee shop chains actively using the platform, with a growing waitlist


in pre-seed funding secured

Angle, a Los Angeles-based startup that delivers an innovative membership and subscription platform designed to enable local and e-commerce businesses to create, launch, and scale membership experiences. Angle was founded by Michael Balyasny with the mission of helping retail and e-commerce brands turn casual customers into loyal members.


The vast majority of local and e-commerce businesses are driven by transactional relationships where the next order is never guaranteed. Angle set out to change that by creating a powerful membership platform that enables any local, retail-focused or e-commerce business to join the membership economy.

Angle’s platform integrates with existing POS and e-commerce platforms like Square and Shopify, adding a highly-customizable membership program that is easy to create, launch and manage. Creating a solution that leverages existing systems of record like the POS and e-commerce platform was essential in reducing operational overhead for Angle’s customers and making the entire experience turnkey.

Here’s what we built, together...

Angle engaged Flexum for their custom software development expertise to help build their vision of a subscription and membership management platform. Flexum collaborated closely with Michael to design and develop a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of local and e-commerce businesses.

A beautiful SaaS app to create memberships

Angle’s self-service platform makes it easy for any business to create a highly customizable membership program with unique member benefits, pricing and limitations.

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An omnichannel membership engine

Angle seamlessly connects retail and e-commerce systems to create a single, customer-facing membership experience.


Seamless integrations

Angle makes it easy for merchants to adopt their platform by leveraging existing platforms like Square POS and Shopify.

Member app

An intuitive member app was developed for effortless ordering and membership management.

Data-driven insights

Robust analytics tools were incorporated into Angle's platform, enabling businesses to collect and examine customer engagement data effectively.


Flexum partnered with Angle to build an MVP that has been adopted by numerous specialty coffee chains. These businesses experienced increased member loyalty, visit frequency, and created a recurring revenue foundation that helps them run their business with greater predictability.  Angle leveraged the MVP to join a venture accelerator program and attract a pre-seed round.

“Flexum is exceptional. They offer full-stack talent that truly cares about the work they do and its impact. They are a wonderful partner.”

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