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Blooksy tablet UI
UX/UI design, web development

authors already use the platform, and there’s a waitlist with hundreds more.


Blooksy received as funding from Panoramic Ventures

Blooksy was founded by Anthony "AJ" Joiner, who is also the CEO. AJ is a radio personality and an entrepreneur who has written multiple best-selling books. Over the last five years, he has helped thousands of aspiring authors get started writing and more than 200 of them have been published.

Building trust between Blooksy & Flexum

Blooksy was originally being developed by another team, but the founder, Anthony, eventually stopped working with them. After some searching, Anthony was introduced to Flexum, and that's how our partnership began.

Blooksy tablet UI

In May 2021, Flexum started working on a new version of Blooksy’s platform with a particular focus on improving the user experience. We wanted the platform to be easy and intuitive to use, so Anthony and Anton Chuiko, Flexum’s co-founder and lead designer, worked together to create new layouts, a design system, and test prototypes before settling on the final design you see below:

Blooksy mobile UIBlooksy AI UI

Our developers also added plenty of new features to the platform, such as collaboration tools with role-based permissions, a variety of export formats for books, convenient subscription options, templates, and much more. These features are all aimed at making the user experience even better.

“They're awesome and will take your project wherever you need it to go. Flexum has been doing awesome with the development.”


Creating an AI writing assistant

One of Blooksy's key competitive advantages is its artificial intelligence technology called Aven AI, which helps authors enhance their creativity and improve their writing. We've detailed the process of building Aven AI on our blog, and you can read about it here. Blooksy also offers templates for creating introductions, chapter dedications, and other structural elements of a book, which makes it easy for authors to produce a finished product that is ready for publication.

Nothing but opportunities

Aven AI has the potential to revolutionize the publishing industry, and there is so much room for innovation. Some of the things we are considering for the future include the ability to rewrite and expand content, create outlines, and more. In addition, we plan to work with Blooksy to improve the subscription mechanism, add new text templates, and create a plagiarism checker for academic papers.

Next steps

We are very proud of our collaboration with Anthony and Blooksy. Together, we created a user-friendly and innovative platform for academic and creative writers. Blooksy’s mission is to help authors achieve their dreams of getting published, that’s an ambitious and inspiring cause. We’re proud that Flexum is part of it and that by building an intelligent platform that supports different types of writing, we’re well on our way to achieving that mission.

“We were able to navigate the MVP stage together and build something that has a clear path to further growth and innovation.”

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