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Origin story

Distribute's founder, Andrew Mewborn, approached Flexum to develop an innovative, AI-driven page builder from scratch. The objective was to serve a broad spectrum of clients, including founders, creators, and sales professionals, with a tool tailored to their specific needs.

At a critical juncture in its development, Distribute required an all-encompassing solution that integrated branding, design, and development. Our aim was to launch a platform that was not only intuitive but also distinguished itself in a competitive market.We were captivated by the challenge, excited by the market potential, and inspired by Andrew's enthusiasm as a founder.

This project leveraged our full capabilities, focusing on creating an exceptionally dynamic editor experience and delving into user experience to address fundamental business problems.


Flexum delivered a dynamic, feature-rich solution, bolstering user and customer adoption for Distribute. Our advanced page editor, integrated with a smart AI assistant, streamlines and enhances content creation. The solution encompasses features that elevate both teamwork and individual productivity. With an emphasis on a user-friendly yet powerful interface, it enables users of all skill levels to efficiently create superior web pages. Discover how we crafted this engaging and dynamic editor experience...

Crafting the ultimate page builder

A blend of effortless usability and advanced tech, this builder brings a full spectrum of features to elevate the content creation experience.

Advanced editor

The backbone of Distribute is its sophisticated page editor built on Tiptap, offering unparalleled flexibility and control. This editor provides a smooth, user-friendly experience, making content creation more efficient and enjoyable.

Multicolumn layouts

This feature allows users to design pages with multiple columns, enabling more creative and organized presentations of content. The flexible layout options support diverse design needs, making it easy to tailor the look and feel of each page.

Media integration

Embedding media is a breeze with Distribute. Users can insert various file types, including images, videos, and PDF files, directly into their pages. This feature enhances the visual impact and engagement of the content, allowing for a richer user experience.

Drag-and-drop blocks

Draggable blocks make organizing content incredibly straightforward. This feature allows users to easily structure their pages, add new elements, and rearrange content with a simple click-and-drag action.

Slash commands

These commands allow users to quickly access and insert a wide range of content features, streamlining the page-building process and enhancing productivity. With just a few keystrokes, users can effortlessly add complex elements to their pages.

Enhanced content features

The page builder goes beyond basic text and media insertion. Users can add tables for organized data presentation, toggle and to-do lists, and collapsible content sections to make their pages more interactive and functional.

AI that takes editing to the next level

The AI assistant, powered by OpenAI's GPT-4 model, eliminates the dread of blank pages and writer's block, offering a suite of tools to enhance every aspect of the writing process.

Writing initiation and enhancement

Overcome writer's block with ease as the AI assistant helps kickstart your drafts and continues to develop your writing. It also offers suggestions for improving existing content, ensuring your ideas are clearly and effectively expressed.

Grammar perfection and content tailoring

Benefit from automatic spelling and grammar checks for flawless content. The assistant can adapt the length and complexity of your writing to suit your needs, whether you require brevity, detail, simplicity, or sophistication.

Tone adaptation and summarization

Adjust the tone of your writing to match your audience, from professional to casual, and simplify complex language when needed. Additionally, the AI can efficiently summarize long texts, presenting key points in a concise manner.

Creating business impact

From conversion tools and analytics to lead management and CRM integration, we built dozens of features that create business impact for Distribute and its customers.

Conversion craftsmanship

With Distribute's conversion tools, engage audiences like never before. From CTAs to pop-ups and gated content, turning attention into action is now a breeze.

Seamless lead tracking

Capture and organize lead info for targeted follow-ups and better conversion. Streamline lead management for effective customer acquisition.

Analytical insights

Measure, assess, refine. Distribute's analytics dashboard ensures you're always informed, making data-driven decisions that drive growth.

Robust CRM connectivity

Integrate effortlessly with your existing CRM systems. Ensure smooth data flow between platforms, keeping your lead information synchronized and up-to-date.

Collaboration, unlocked

From shared workspaces and tailored access, to versatile templates, Flexum built features that enabled collaboration across teams and users to amplify Distribute’s impact.

Team workspaces

Foster unity with a platform that promotes collaboration. Distribute offers shared workspaces, ensuring every member is on the same page (quite literally!).

Tailored user roles and access

Define specific roles and access levels to enhance security and streamline workflow. Manage owner, editor, and viewer permissions at any level.

Terrific templates

Say goodbye to starting from scratch. With templates ranging from sales pitches to personal planners, Distribute gets you started swiftly.

What do end-users think?

“It is said that distribute is here to produce lead magnets. Fast. Like really fast. And it works just like that.”
AppSumo review
“Excellent product. It's worth every dollar invested.”
AppSumo review
“We’ve decreased the time it takes to get lead magnets out from 2 weeks to 20 minutes with Distribute.”
Lee Hacohen
VP of Sales at Outreach

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