E-commerce data acquisition and lead generation platform

UX/UI design, web development

Munchspot is a powerful market intelligence platform specializing in e-commerce data acquisition and lead generation services. With a comprehensive database featuring over 100,000 e-commerce stores, MunchSpot equips businesses with the tools they need to create targeted lead lists, research brands, and identify valuable leads.


Businesses faced challenges with inefficient sales prospecting efforts, expending valuable time and resources searching for accurate and reliable e-commerce data. They required a solution that would allow them to swiftly and effortlessly target the right prospects, boost revenue, and secure a competitive edge.


To develop a state-of-the-art platform, MunchSpot's founder, Ryan Suresh, joined forces with Flexum, drawing on their SaaS software development expertise. The Flexum team collaborated closely with Ryan to create a web application specifically tailored to the needs of businesses. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as React, Firebase, Directus, Tailwind, Vite.js, and Stripe, the development team ensured a seamless and consistent user experience across the platform.

Targeted and accurate e-commerce data

MunchSpot's extensive database grants access to a wealth of e-commerce brands, providing an ideal foundation for sales and growth opportunities. Regular updates ensure accurate profile information, revenue data, and contact details.

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Connect with key decision-makers confidently

Reliable contact information for key decision-makers enables businesses to confidently connect with the right people, eliminating concerns about misdirected messages.

Boost productivity with 
AI-powered automation

MunchSpot goes beyond the provision of extensive e-commerce data; it empowers users to streamline their tasks with the capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Draft outreach emails
Harness the power of AI to craft compelling outreach emails that captivate the attention of potential leads.
Create follow-up messages
Harness the power of AI to craft compelling outreach emails that captivate the attention of potential leads.
Generate personalized content
Craft unique and persuasive product descriptions tailored precisely to the preferences of the target audience.
and much more
MunchSpot's AI toolkit opens doors to a wide range of possibilities, helping businesses save valuable time and increase operational efficiency.

Effortlessly export data to build targeted lead lists

Munchspot empowers businesses to filter and export precise data, including e-commerce profiles, revenue, categories, and contact information, simplifying the process of crafting targeted lead lists.


The Flexum team worked tirelessly to guarantee the successful launch of Munchspot, delivering a fully-functional product tailored to the needs of businesses. With the platform now ready for marketing promotion and having already attracted its first subscribers, Munchspot is set to continue enhancing existing features and adding new ones.

“I was very impressed with their design and attention to detail. They handle everything very professionally.”


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