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About Replika (former ASO Giraffe)

Replika (previously ASO Giraffe) is an App Store Optimization (ASO) tool that helps optimize app store pages before launch. Founded in 2018, Replika allows users to test app page elements and analyze user interactions for data-driven decisions.

Key Features:
  • Drive traffic to test app store pages
  • Discover user interactions and analyze data
  • Get real user feedback through surveys or email forms
  • Analyze data and iterate for continuous optimization
Development Journey:
  • The early development
  • Overcoming technical challenges of data scraping and user analytics
  • Achieving success by evolving the product from MVP to comprehensive solution
  • New age - ASO Giraffe becomes Replika

The Early Development

In February 2021, the development journey for the ASO Giraffe app began, with the aim of transforming it from an MVP into a comprehensive, user-friendly application. Founder Fede Behrens reached out to Flexum, co-founded by his former colleague Myron Mavko, for assistance in software development.

“We were looking to formalize our development process as we only recently came out of an MVP phase with an external developer. We wanted to devote full-time resources to developing the application.”


The Flexum team, in collaboration with Fede, tackled the challenges arising from the complex and dependent codebase left by the previous team. They struck a balance between adding new features and maintaining the code. Despite the difficulties, they successfully implemented features such as app store page scraping, improved page appearance, localization, email capture, enhanced analytics, and the addition of videos and screenshots. The team optimized the code and turned the app into a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for app store optimization.

Overcoming Challenges of Data Scraping and Analytics

The project's technical complexity posed challenges for the team, including efficiently scraping data from the Play Market and App Store, especially videos. After extensive research, they developed a simple and stable system for this task. Another challenge was collecting and displaying user analytics on pages. They created an algorithm that accurately analyzed actions on pages and correlated them with analytics parameters. Despite the complexities, the team overcame the obstacles and delivered a product with valuable insights, contributing to the project's success.

Evolving From MVP to Comprehensive Solution

The project aimed to transform the MVP into a fully-functional product for A/B testing, which was successfully achieved. The Flexum team effectively tackled technical complexities and challenges, maintaining transparency and communication throughout the development process. The final product functions smoothly and performs at a high level.

“Generally speaking, they do a good job of breaking down sophisticated tasks. When delivering those tasks, they can adapt to issues through good communication. Lastly, there’s little that needs to be done with their output — they’re thoughtful of major components in their work.”


New Age - ASO Giraffe Becomes Replika

In December 2022, ASO Giraffe was acquired by Phiture, the award-winning ASO agency and consultancy. Phiture works with the marketing teams behind some of the most popular apps and games to boost their performance in the app stores. This acquisition is also a win for us at Flexum, as we will continue to develop the application with Phiture and bring even more value to our partners.

"Fede Behrens and the team have built a truly remarkable product over the last years. The acquisition of ASO Giraffe, now known as Replika, is an exciting step for Phiture."


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