Artificial Intelligence

Add AI to your product, the intelligent way

Let Flexum guide your digital product to new horizons with integrated AI, leveraging the latest technologies to revolutionize user experiences and innovate beyond the norm.

ai expertise

Transform your products with our AI expertise

Elevate your software with our AI capabilities, seamlessly integrating advanced functionalities into your products. Our seasoned expertise enables us to build AI-driven features that align with market leaders.

Unleash AI-writing superpowers

Gift your users the power of AI as their personal writing assistant. Imagine a product that streamlines content creation, akin to the efficiency of Notion, but uniquely tailored for your app.

ai writing

Intelligent chatbots for enhanced engagement

Incorporate intelligence into your product with our custom chatbots. Facilitate interactive and personalized user engagement, much like the dynamics of SiteGPT and Wonderchat, but designed specifically for your application.

ai chat

AI-fueled idea generation

Introduce a creativity catalyst within your software. With AI capabilities, let your users generate an array of ideas across industries effortlessly, creating an experience similar to brainstorming with ChatGPT, but exclusively within your product.

ai idea

AI assistants for streamlined workflows

Simplify your users workflows with AI virtual assistants that take care of tasks ranging from scheduling to emails, improving overall user efficiency. Visualize an assistant as efficient as Siri or Alexa, but tailored for your product.

ai assistant

Hyper personalization for unique UX

Craft a revolution in user experience with AI. Personalize interfaces and interactions uniquely for each user through learning algorithms, creating an experience of familiarity and exclusivity.

ai unique ux
Case studies

Discover how we transformed the client's app with AI

How we do it

How we ensure AI seamlessly fits your product

Our approach blends user empathy, design acuity, and AI engineering to drive the seamless incorporation of AI capabilities.

ai help
Problem understanding

Define the problem and requirements for AI

ai search
Design research

Study how to approach the problem and understand user needs

ai magic
Model selection

Choose and optionally train an AI model.

ai browser
Prompt engineering

Design effective prompts for AI interaction.

ai development

Develop the actual software that will use the AI model.


Elevate your AI integrations with superior platforms

The efficacy of AI integration is deeply intertwined with the platform behind it. We rely on these robust APIs to facilitate intelligent, user-centric experiences that your audience will appreciate.

open ai icon


Harness cutting-edge AI for diverse data modalities with OpenAI's API.

wit ai icon

Facilitate conversational interactions in products with's versatile natural language processing API.

rev ai icon

Opt for superior accuracy in speech-to-text conversion with's voice processing API.

vertex ai

Vertex AI

Leverage Google's infrastructure for tailored AI training and evaluation with Vertex AI.

“I was very impressed with their design and attention to detail. They handle everything very professionally.”


Have Questions? We’ve got answers.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, start a chat!

How do I get started working with Flexum?

The first step is to get in touch and jump on an intro call with our founders Myron and Anton. Typically, we’ll start a 1-2 day spike to design or build something small, but meaningful, to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

What makes Flexum different?

Flexum is a boutique product agency that’s laser-focused on helping entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs build winning products. We do so with a design-led process, transparent pricing, and a drive to add value from day one. At core, we’re entrepreneurs like you and know what it takes to build differentiated products and find product/market fit.

How are projects managed?

Every customer has a dedicated contact person and the founders are also always involved. We’re a boutique agency so you get a lot of personal attention. We use a variety of products to help manage progress and knowledge, but we’re not religious about the choice of tools. We’re happy to adapt to your preferences, but will suggest a few of our defaults at the outset.

How quickly can I scale a team?

It depends. We always have capacity to onboard new clients and extend teams. If you’re looking to get started, build great products and step on the gas when we find product/market fit, then we’re the right fit. However, if you need to build a team of 3 designers and 12 engineers yesterday, we can help, but it’ll take time.

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