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Build your MVP with an entrepreneurial team

We’re entrepreneurs just like you. We know that building a successful MVP is a journey, and we’re ready to share it with you. Flexum is set up to add value from day one through a design-led process.


The stakes couldn’t be higher, we get that.

Finding product/market fit is always a challenge and we’re excited to build an MVP that helps you get there. We take the time to deeply understand your market and we’re ready to adapt to whatever challenges come our way.

Product vision and execution

Sharing and contributing to your product vision helps us do our best work. We invest in deeply understanding your market, business and opportunity.

Entrepreneurial process

We move quickly, iterate as feedback comes in, and orgnize our work to give you testable prototypes and mockups while we develop the MVP.

Dedicated full-stack teams

Building a great MVP takes focus and teamwork. Flexum delivers full-stack teams of designers and engineers to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you.

Start with a spike

We make it easy to get started and explore a relationship with Flexum. Start with a 2-3 day design spike to see how well we work together.

No more, no less, just right.

Scoping an MVP that solves a real problem for early adopters requires product intuition and a research-driven process. Flexum is an entrepreneurial agency that understands that challenge. We move quickly, but focus on maintaining optionality to make adjustments on the fly.

“Developing a MVP means thinking short, medium and long term. We’re building a proof of concept, devering a meaningful user experience, and also trying to see around corners to make sure we can extend and scale once we find product/market fit.”

Myron Mavko

Myron Mavko

CEO & Co-Founder

“Great design is always a differentiator, but at the MVP stage it has an outsized impact. We can take shortcuts by building prototypes, staying open minded about feedback, adjusting quickly and pushing the envelope to create a visually stunning experience.”

Anton Chuiko

Anton Chuiko

COO & Co-Founder

Our goal is to build a meaningful MVP within 3 months

Every MVP is different, but Flexum's transparency is a constant. Our pricing starts at $10k/month with a 3 month commitment. During that time we expect to build an MVP that allows you to test your product vision and business model. We can scale up from there, or plan longer-term for more complex engagements. with our co-founders Myron and Anton to learn more and start a Spike.

Starting at


per month with a 3-month commitment

  • Accelerated design sprints

  • Interactive, clickable prototype

  • Landing page development

  • Technical architecture

  • MVP launch (scope TBD)

  • Full-stack, dedicated teams


    1 full-stack engineer

    1 product designer

    1 architect (part-time)

Ready to build your MVP?

Book a call with our founders, Myron and Anton. We’ll discuss your MVP and start a no-commitment design Spike.

Get to know the companies and projects we are proud to call partners

We take enormous pride in our clients’ success. Sharing the journey with them is equal-parts exciting and challenging, see their products and stories.

Flexum delivers value quickly

Starting with our first meeting, we aim to dive into your product as deeply as possible to deliver the biggest value. That’s why we make a free design spike prototype, so you can see what we’re capable of. Then we work on creating an MVP and launching your ideal product. And what's next? The sky is the limit!

  • 1

    1-2 hours

    We’ll kick things off with a conversation about your business, roadmap priorities and goals for engaging an agency like Flexum.

    Target outcome

    Capture the context and insights we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

  • 2

    2-3 days

    We’ll spend a few days exploring, designing, prototyping and drafting a proposal that gives you a sense of what we’re capable of.

    Target outcome

    Tangible progress towards your goal and a shared definition of success.

  • 3

    1-2 hours

    We’ll explore the outcome of the spike and discuss next steps. We’ll make adjustments and use this time to get a head start.

    Target outcome

    Candid feedback and meaningful progress towards a go/no-go decision.

  • 4

    Resourcing & Roadmap
    1-2 weeks

    We’ll spend time further aligning on your goals, roadmap and defining the resources it will take to have a successful outcome.

    Target outcome

    A roadmap for a successful engagement and a signed contract.

  • 5

    Upon contract signing

    We’ll follow the roadmap mutually defined and ramp up quickly to start delivering on your goals and adding value.

    Target outcome

    A strategic client-vendor relationship that moves the needle for your business.

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