We accelerate your roadmap

Flexum is a full-stack agency that works shoulder-to-shoulder with your product, design and engineering teams to help you move faster.

What’s a Spike?

Why Flexum?

We deliver turn-key product and engineering teams to help you move faster.

  • Full-stack teams

    With product, design and engineering talent we’re ready to start adding value on day one.

  • Entrepreneurial mindset

    We’re entrepreneurs and builders, just like you. We dive deep to truly understand your business.

  • Team extension

    We prefer to work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team, but can also be totally independent.

  • Designs, not slides

    We roll up our sleeves and get to work on your product to create immediate value, start a spike.

  • Client-vendor fit

    Our mission is to bring the most talented creators in Ukraine together with the world’s most promising technology companies.

Update on Ukraine

Flexum is a company with deep Ukrainian roots.

Flexum was founded in Ukraine and all our team members are Ukrainian.

We won’t mince words, these are challenging times. We’re facing Russian aggression and fighting for values that so many people around the world hold dear.

We’re also regular people who need to work, support our families and care deeply about the quality of what we create. In addition to fighting for freedom, we are still serving our customers. Please take a moment to read about how we’re responding.

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We build products that move the needle for your business.


From concept to implementation, we deliver elegant SaaS apps that scale.

Mobile Apps

We design and build beautiful, cross-platform mobile applications.


Starting up or embarking on a digital transformation? Flexum can help.


Let’s have a meaningful conversation
and start building.


Let’s go on a journey together, here’s how we engage:

  • 01


    1-2 hours

    We’ll kick things off with a conversation about your business, roadmap priorities and goals for engaging an agency like Flexum.

    Ideal Outcome: capture the context and insights we need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

  • 02


    2-3 days

    We’ll spend a few days exploring, designing, prototyping and drafting a proposal that gives you a sense of what we’re capable of.

    Ideal Outcome: tangible progress towards your goal and a shared definition of success.

  • 03


    1-2 hours

    We’ll explore the outcome of the spike and discuss next steps. We’ll make adjustments and use this time to get a head start.

    Ideal Outcome: candid feedback and meaningful progress towards a go/no-go decision.

  • 04

    Resourcing & Roadmap

    1-2 weeks

    We’ll spend time further aligning on your goals, roadmap and defining the resources it will take to have a successful outcome.

    Ideal Outcome: a roadmap for a successful engagement and a signed contract.

  • 05


    Upon contract signing

    We’ll follow the roadmap mutually defined and ramp up quickly to start delivering on your goals and adding value.

    Ideal Outcome: a strategic client-vendor relationship that moves the needle for your business.

  • Ready to chat?
    Let's connect.

Who we are

We're entrepreneurs and techies, just like you.

Myron Mavko

“We want to see the big picture, to really understand your business and help you win. Having the opportunity to learn about new markets, strategies and meet talented entrepreneurs is what makes our jobs so exciting.”

Myron Mavko

CEO & Co-Founder

Anton Chuiko

“We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers, but we’re also ready to be as independent as you need us to be. What brought Myron and I together as founders is a love of learning, but also confidence that we can add value quickly.”

Anton Chuiko

COO & Co-Founder



Great work happens when product, design and engineering come together, seamlessly.

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